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All the details about Guys and Dolls which was done by Spotlight Musical Theatre Group in 2011

Guys and Dolls More Information

Yes the cast may have been in the New York Opener – but few ever got the chance to see it.
Steevie’ took some footage before the show to help him sort it all out – He did wander about a bit so took angles not seen by the audience (and a lot closer) – The final result and effect was much better he assures us!



Guys and Dolls finished its run at 10:25 on Saturday the 5th of March 2011

The show is over – the stage is dead – Long Live the Stage
Guys and Dolls performed by Oban’s Spotlight Musical Theatre Group finished its run at 10.25 on
Saturday 5th March 2011 – But don’t despair – we have lots of photos available by clicking here

Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Group Guys and Dolls 574


A history of Guys and Dolls – click here

Guys and Dolls Glossary – click here

Ellie’s Guys and Dolls Interactive Map – click here


dollssmaller dollssmaller2

Casting for Guys and Dolls Announced Click here


The Final show is about to start! Guys and Dolls Oban

Its 18.30 The 5th of March 2011 (assuming you read this when it gets posted)

But if you hurry you can still get tickets by calling 01631 56733 or running to the Corran Halls Box Office-

The show starts at 19.30 So assuming yo read this at 18.30 – In an hours time the final performance of Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Groups production of Guys and Dolls will burst onto the stage – You don’t want to miss it! – its  a not to be repeated event! Once its gone!  Its gone and thats it!







The Final Countdown!

Yes its the final countdown for the last two showings of Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Groups production of “Guys and Dolls” today the 5th of March 2011. We have a matinee at 2pm and the last evening show at 7.30!

If you havn’t had a chance to see it – today is the last showing so grab your tickets and come along!


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