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Yes the cast may have been in the New York Opener – but few ever got the chance to see it.
Steevie’ took some footage before the show to help him sort it all out – He did wander about a bit so took angles not seen by the audience (and a lot closer) – The final result and effect was much better he assures us!



Guys and Dolls finished its run at 10:25 on Saturday the 5th of March 2011

The show is over – the stage is dead – Long Live the Stage
Guys and Dolls performed by Oban’s Spotlight Musical Theatre Group finished its run at 10.25 on
Saturday 5th March 2011 – But don’t despair – we have lots of photos available by clicking here

Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Group Guys and Dolls 574


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Ellie’s Guys and Dolls Interactive Map – click here


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Casting for Guys and Dolls Announced Click here


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