Michael Magnay RIP









Earlier in February we sadly lost Michael

He was very much involved in theatre in this area for both Spotlight and Benderloch and North Connel Drama Club .

Michael was with us for many years in many roles. He stood tall (how could he not) – he informed every director that he would not sing (the fact that he could wasn’t going to change anything ), he would insist that any dancing for him was limited or nil (the latter being preferred and often required ) and certainly wanted a say on his costume (especially hats, he liked his hats) – 

He was not a directors joy (even more tricky when he is your pal!) but he had a ball especially at rehearsals and he always presented us with a powerful and unique performance – sometimes different every night – with that mischievous look and as an actor opposite him you really did wonder what was coming next (unlikely to be the line you were expecting) and he delighted in the panic in your eyes. 

He cared of course about each show, was always there and dependable, even organising an impromptu after show party when there was none. 

He will live forever in our memories on stage and in our hearts. 

Sing well Michael – we always knew you could.

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