Statue of Limitation

Tuesday night (13th October) was “Statue Night” and Kate and Amy worked their little socks off whilst being in a cold hall and wearing wedding dresses. Steevie assured them that no pictures would go on the website so unfortunately you will just have to conjure up your own mental images.

Mean while we could feel the heat coming from the rest of the group dancing and singing their way through the night. Linsey unfortunately had a bit of a fall and had to rest up with a bag of frozen peas (I assume from Aldi) – Hopefully she will be back on her feet soon and we send her all the best – She didn’t feel she had missed out by not being next door wearing a wedding dress – although as she pointed out – she probably wouldn’t have hurt herself.

Colin’s expanding chest and bottom made an apperance – now do we have any photos of that? Oh yes – OF COURSE we do!

DSC_4792 (Small)DSC_4793 (Small)DSC_4794 (Small)

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