Spotlight’s Last Pantomime?

The pantomime is now over with some group members concentrating on sorting out the aftermath that always has to be dealt with after any of our shows.  Cinderella has hung up her Crystal “welly” and limped off into the sunset probably, like many other group members, thinking about what the next show and pantomime will be.  This is where the end of this show is completely different from past shows.

Alarmingly, information is gradually coming to light and spreading throughout the community that could mean that this might have been the last pantomime of this type that Spotlight can give to the people of Oban.  It could also mean we are unable to stage our usual, high standard, musical show, which should be the next big project in 2013.

The reason for this uncertainty is that we are hearing that major changes are proposed to happen within the Corran Halls and all without consulting with any of the theatre-based groups that use it.  I won’t go into too much detail at present, but part of the scheme proposed includes alterations to the Studio Theatre and Back Stage area. If this is true, and having looked at what is believed to be involved, for logistical reasons, it would be physically impossible for Spotlight and other large groups to continue to stage the types of show people have come to expect.  All of this is on top of the abysmal condition in which the Corran Halls wallows, and also what we already have to deal and work with.

At the time of writing this I am attempting to get this situation clarified, as no information has been forthcoming from the Council or elected members. I have asked questions and am now waiting for some answers that I have been promised.  I will keep you all informed of what exactly is happening and help to advise what action the group may need to take.  This could include things such as demanding that the Councillors, who are elected to represent us, talk to SMTG and other groups affected before they create what we believe will be a total disaster through a lack of understanding and consultation.

Best Regards
Geoff  (The Old Relic)

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