Panto – cast announcement

After a fantastic round of auditions we are excited to announce our principal cast for this year’s panto – Treasure Island.

(in order of appearance)

Mrs Hawkins – Andrew Baxter
Kittie – Aimie Baker
Jim Hawkins – Aisling Duncan
Squire Trelawney – Richard Baker
Jenny Trelawney – Megan Day
Seadog Samantha – Jess McCann
Seaweed Willy – Lachie D’Arcy
Billy Bones – Kevin Baker
Long John Silver – Ian Henry
Blood Boiler – Peter MacArthur
Gizzard Slitter – Kevin Baker
The Fridge – Jack Anderson
Polly – Ellie Cooper
Mrs Henderson – Fran Melville
Mrs Battersby – Kate MacGregor
Mrs Snook – Lesley Duncan
Mrs Tubb – Kirsty MacKintosh
Mrs Dodd – Moira Beaton
Mrs Parker – Kate Bate
Mrs Normington (Doris) – Sue Baker
Mrs Carter-Brown – Louisa Hyde
Benjamina Gunn – Aimie Baker

They will be joined by a fantastic ensemble to complete our company.

We look forward to getting started – stay tuned for rehearsal information soon.

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