Old Saybrook Dates confirmed

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Time to get your tickets!

Spotlight Musical Theatre Group will perform “Old Saybrook” twice – Once at the Lorn Drama Festival in the Corran Halls on Tuesday 16th March (3rd play of the night)

Tickets can be purchased from The Corran Halls – You are advised to get your tickets as soon as possible as the event sells out very quickly.

On Wednesday the 24th March they will be performing it again at the North Lorn Drama Festival
Appin Hall

Tickets  for the Appin performance are available from Mary Gregory, Secretary, North Lorn Drama Festival, Rhugarbh Croft, Appin, PA38 4BA (01631 730309); season ticket £10.00, adult’s evening ticket £3, child’s evening ticket £1. Please send remittance with a stamped addressed envelope so that we can mail your tickets to you.  Tickets for the Festival sell out quickly so you are advised to purchase yours as soon as possible.

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