Mull Theatre show – Wednesday 27th July

Mull Theatre show – Wednesday 27th July

This is on this Wednesday in North Connel and then again in Appin on 23rd August.

Mull Theatre presents … MOVIE TIME
A play by David Pitman

Connel and Appin SMA bittersweet, light romantic comedy of love and loss set in the projection booth of a Glasgow cinema during the Second World War.

Willie, a middle class lad from a good background is chief projectionist at the Roxy….. a giant Glasgow Picture Palace…. and somehow he still hasn’t  had his call up papers. Young Margaret, or Mog as everyone calls her, is sent in to shadow him, just in case. He is quiet and very unassuming, very buttoned up; she is brash and forthright, and just loves a good time at the dancing. She annoys him like crazy, but to her he is just so boring! So different in almost every way, it is in their dreams that  they really connect.

They live for, and through, the films they show. But can their lives live up to their dreams?

With dream-sequence vignettes from Gone With The Wind, Now Voyager, To Be or Not To Be, and many others, this is a charming and nostalgic story of love not quite found

Tickets £9/£7 children can be booked on line at or 01688 302211. Also tickets on the door

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