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“Lost” Footage recovered…

“Lost” Footage recovered…

httpv:// Its amazing what you find when going through old hard drives…. a bit of footage that could so easily have been thrown away (and yes many will probably wish that it had been)
Nevertheless its a fascinating bit of footage that shows what fun we had back in 2007 when putting together “Hansel and Gretel”
It features the last smoke ever made from the original smoke machine (it was never quite the same) a very young Amy and  A very young Lewis…
Watch out for the fan operators and the  “invisible wires” we used to make Lesley fly
We hope you enjoy!

Hansel and Gretel is coming

In the final stages of post production – Hansel and Gretel the movie filmed in “BadgervisionOrama” is coming close to release.

Stay tuned for further updates of the screening. In the meantime – enjoy the trailer.

Hansel and Gretel 2007

Hansel and Gretel 2007


The Oban Pantomime 2007 was chosen and it was

Hansel and Gretel

it was performed on the 6, 7and 8th of December 2007 in the Corran Halls Oban.


Hansel and Gretel Trailer

Click here for Dont Stop me now (Hansel and Gretel)

Click here for Its a Kind of Magic? (Hansel and Gretel)


View some of the actual show photographs click here

Click here to listen to the radio advert (MP3 File – you will need a compatible player of some description – best thing to do is just click and see what happens!)

It’s always nice to get talked about as well! Click here for a blogger who wrote about our pantomime

Hansel and Gretel Pantomime review that appeared in The Oban Times written by Toastie.

Hansel and Gretel has them rolling in the aisles –

Panto production full of seasonal delights

GOODIES, baddies, magic fairies, wicked witches, evil stepmothers, brave heroes and men dressed as ladies – it was panto time again in Obans Corran Halls as Spotlight Musical Theatre Group transported audiences to the magical land of Munchen Coughdrop for their fantastic production of Hansel and Gretel. Oh yes they did! The story followed the adventures of Hansel and Gretel, played with great con dence by local schoolchildren Amy King and Lewis Bigham. As always good triumphed over evil, much to the delight of the packed audience. The cast didnt allow the plot to get in the way of the fun and each scene was full of laughs with songs and dancing to add to the general merriment. The baddies, Fiona Brydon as the nasty stepmother and Lesley Duncan as the Wicked Witch of the Wood were given the traditional Boo! Hiss! treatment with great gusto whenever they entered the stage and each seemed to revel in the shouts of the crowd. Thankfully the Forest Fairy Hansel and Gretel has them rolling in the aisles (Kate McGregor) was never far away and would magically appear to come to our heroes aid with a wave of her wand and a puff of fairy dust – and quite a lot of smoke Lots of fun was to be had from the Dame, Miss Demeanour played with a laid-back comic style by Colin Felgate. His/her amazing costumes and hilarious attempts to woo anything in trousers had the audience in stitches. Willy, played by Roddy MacEachen, was a triumph of simple silliness and he and the Dame had the crowd eating out of their hands throughout, especially in the community sing song. Heidi (Ellie Cooper) and Martin (Michael Wall) kept the plot moving along and also managed to fall in love in double quick time as only happens in panto land. Their version of The Proclaimers 500 Miles had everyone up on their feet and stomping along. Special mention must be made of the gorilla who escaped from a certain chocolate bar commercial to take up his drumsticks and the mad bird who made off with Hansel and Gretels trail of breadcrumbs while doing the craziest dancing the Corran Halls stage has ever seen. Puppets were present through the show giving the youngsters in the audience some obvious delight and there were even some moving trees piloted by a squirrel and a hedgehog what a delight! The chorus, as always, sang and danced as if their lives depended on it and were always smiling. The troupe of dancing cats stole any scene they were in and gave their all. The sets were spectacular with a gingerbread bread house that looked literally good enough to eat. The producer, director and all at Spotlight can be proud of themselves for keeping up their tradition of pantomimes of the highest standard and producing an evening packed full of seasonal delights.

Review by Toastie Reproduced with permission from The Oban Times

Download the posters of the show

(PDF Contains all posters)



Cast list

Forest Fairy – Kate McGregor

Wicked Witch – Lesley Duncan

Miss Demeanour -Colin Felgate

Willie – Roddy MacEachen

Martin – Michael Wall

Heidi – Ellie Cooper

Hansel – Lewis Bigham

Gretel – Amy King

Stepmother – Fiona Brydon

Father – Bill Matthews

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