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Crazy For You Performed 5-7 March 2009

Crazy For You

In 2009 the website stated “The Next show from Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Group is

“Crazy for You”
It will be directed by Kevin Baker
Further updates soon

Oban Crazy For You

5,6,7th March 2009

Steevie has been trotting along to rehershals with his video camera. This is what he thinks of the show so far..

“Its all looking quite good. It is certainly going to be one of the most energentic shows we have done judging from the dancing.??? It looks like actual run throughs will be possible soon.”

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.What is this page all about? Its about the Oban Musical Crazy For You which is being presented by Spotlight Musical Theatre Group in the Corran Halls Oban in March 2009
Crazy for you will be a production in Oban Theatre (or as wee all know and love it – The Corran Halls) in March 2009. Spotlight Musical Theatre Group is Oban Theatres local group which puts on Musicals in Oban which is in Argyll – You might say its part of Argyll theatre at its best. Oban Corran Halls is where it will be held – and what is it that is being held – why an Oban musical show called “Crazy for You”