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Crazy For You Performed 5-7 March 2009

The show is finished

The Show is over – The Stage is dead
Long live the Stage!

Crazy for You finished its run on the 7th of March 2009 – Pictures from the production can be found by clicking here


Check out the latest news for a good luck message from a celebrity (how intriguing) by clicking here

Trailer For Crazy For you is now available (click on the item below or click here for Youtube Link)

was directed by Kevin Baker at
The Corran Halls
5,6,7th March 2009

You can download the PDF file by? clicking here

Crazy For You Posters-1 Crazy For You Posters-2 Crazy For You Posters-4 Crazy For You Posters-5 Crazy For You Posters-6 Crazy For You Posters-6 copy

If you or anyone else have photos of the preparation for crazy for you whether it is dancing, acting or the set… please pass them onto us for uploading to the gallery.

Cast Photos now available by clicking here

Our? photo gallery (accessed on the “Photos/Gallery” menu has all your old favourite photos from the past shows – as well as some new ones from Crazy for you.

Spotlight hits the headlines

Have you heard the news?

Spotlight makes the front page of the Oban Times with a lovely picture of Tony, Stuart, Kate, Morven and Alison getting ready for “Crazy for You”.

crazyforyoufolliesandcowboys (Small)

With only a few days to go the cast are gearing up for a fantastic show. All the best to the cast and hope to see you all at the Corran Halls this week.


A Message From Stephen Fry

Steevie has been on a website called “Twitter” for a wee while now – He started “following” Stephen Fry and a few days later Stephen Fry started “following” Steevie….

Steevie sent a message to Stephen asking if he had any words of Wisdom or “FRYisms” for The members of Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Group to cheer them up it was only 16 days to go until Opening Night.

Steevie was suprised – but delighted to recieve the following reply in his inbox.

“If I could swim that far across the Atlantic to see Crazy For You in Oban, I would. Be as marvellous as you dare x”

Steevie has offered to send Stuart and his? boat to pick him up – but as yet — no reply!

If you have anything to reply to Stephen please use the contact form to send a message to Steevie and he will pass it on – please note – the messages that can be sent are very small – Steevie will summarise what is sent to him – please send to more than 50 characters (i.e. condense your thoughts)

Stephen Fry’s Twitter Page


The Next Next Fodor (and Lets hope it is the last)

The “cursed” part of Fodor continues to hanut us as the last two actors (Michael and Kevin) had to leave for various reasons – We are now on to actor number 3 -? Ben Redfearn- who has taken on the role – we have now chained him to a lighting strutt in the Corran Halls and there he shall remain until the show is done? – only kidding – we chained him to the lighting gantry…..


More Regenerations in one year than in Doctor Who……

Alan Brown to be seen in Oban

Rumour has it that the most talented Mr Alan Brown of Spotlight Musical Theatre Group may reprise one of his most popular roles for one night only during “Crazy For You”.

Perhaps best known for his “Gerald” in High Society – this year he will be returning as “Big Honking Laughing” Audience member.

Listen out for him on Friday the 6th of March!


Oban Entertainment as never before! (Well note quite anyway)

John Robinson Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Group lindsay mcglone Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Group

The publicity has started – The West Coast Review has reached the hands of the webmaster and inside John Robinson and Linsey McGlone smile out at us!

Crazy for you by Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Group is the Oban Entertainment highlight of March 2009!

But to read it you will need to get hold of a copy! Look out for one coming through your door (If you live in the Oban Area!)

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