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An energetic rehearsal tonight – much “footloose” footwork! The first run through without stopping took just 1 hour and few minutes – of course we were missing a few songs!

First Readthrough

And what a night it was – characters with accents  from every part of the world as we all tried to find a comfortable character. One wonders what will eventually be chosen.  A good night seemed to have been had by all.. Movement and Music on Thursday!

A Pantomime Update

A report of Tuesday’s activities was received from Madam Gertie of Oklahoma and reads as follows Baron Smithy found himself anything but ‘hard up’ for questionable positions with the chorus girls. Taking morven from behind & enjoying a nuzzle in lesley’s bosom-its a hard job but someone’s got to do[…]

The First Week of Cinderella Rehearsals is complete.

And what a week it has been  Roddy and Michael falling over each other  added  acrobatics from then and some comment about waxing… Steevie getting lost in Iona’s bosom….  much singing and script learning, Pirncey and Dandini getting to grips with their parts!  Big crowd scenes and Morven fainting all[…]

Casting for Cinderella is Announced!

We would like to thank everyone for auditioning, and congratulate the following: Fiona Brydon -       BARONESS HORTENSIA HARDUPP Stuart Smith -         BARON HERBERT HARDUPP Iona Robertson-     CINDERELLA Roddy MacEachen -  KATTY Michael Wall -        KITTY Stephen Day-          BUTTONS John Robinson -      PRINCE CHARMIAN Kevin Baker -         DANDINI Stevo Finlayson -    […]

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