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The Dress Rehearsal has started!

For Oban’s Spotlight Musical Theatre Group!

By the time you read this – the Dress rehearsal should be well under way!

So with so little time to go – dont forget to get your ticket from the Corran Halls Box Office – 01631 567333 for Spotlight Musical Theatre Groups production of Cinderella!

Sewing, Sewing, Sewing, Sewing….

What are folk doing today?

Yes – Sewing…….

Still lots to be done – Props and staging still going into place – glitter balls being strung up, Fireplaces getting painted… What a lot of work!

Dont forget to get your tickets! The Oban Panto Cinderella is only on for four performances. Book at the Corran Halls Box Office or call 01631 567333

Cinderella Update (Get in Day!)

The day went very quickly but very well

The whole of the backcloths have been rigged and more or less in the correct positions.

We worked a complete run through with more or less all of the set bar a few fences (and missing props) – The run through went at quite a pace with very little missing.
Tomorrow brings the Technical Day where the last of the FX and running orders need to be finally sorted out and marked up – It will probably be a long day!

Principals only required tomorrow night for entrances and exits and tech stuff!

Its not to late to get tickets for Cinderella in Oban – we only run four performances and all this week (1, 2nd and3rd December) – You can get tickets by going into the Corran Halls Box office or telephone 01631 567333!


And the First Run Through

Yes folks – the first run through in 1/2 hour – first time on stage with set and props. A lot of hard work today by a lot of people doing everything.

Remember folks to get your tickets – time is running out! Corran Halls Box Office 01631 567333

Good Morning Everyone

It’s day 1 of the get in for Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Groups pantomime Cinderella.
Sets move intoday and backcloths go up!
Costumes get sorted out and painting is done!
A nice 9am start until – whenever!


A Very fast night

So it was double speed rehearsals tonight – never has footloose been so fast or dangerous!
Not long to go now – 8 days and counting downwards! Have your got your Panto Tickets yet?
Cinderella in Oban 1st 2nd and 3rd of December – Corran Halls 01631 567333 for your tickets.
Members – Please retweet this and share within your facebook community – lets get the word out there about the show!

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