A Message From Stephen Fry

Steevie has been on a website called “Twitter” for a wee while now – He started “following” Stephen Fry and a few days later Stephen Fry started “following” Steevie….

Steevie sent a message to Stephen asking if he had any words of Wisdom or “FRYisms” for The members of Oban Spotlight Musical Theatre Group to cheer them up it was only 16 days to go until Opening Night.

Steevie was suprised – but delighted to recieve the following reply in his inbox.

“If I could swim that far across the Atlantic to see Crazy For You in Oban, I would. Be as marvellous as you dare x”

Steevie has offered to send Stuart and his? boat to pick him up – but as yet — no reply!

If you have anything to reply to Stephen please use the contact form to send a message to Steevie and he will pass it on – please note – the messages that can be sent are very small – Steevie will summarise what is sent to him – please send to more than 50 characters (i.e. condense your thoughts)

Stephen Fry’s Twitter Page


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